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As a longarm quilter, it is my job to add patterns to enhance your beautiful quilt top. I take great pride in my work and love helping you with your masterpiece.

Quilting Charge is charged per square inch for computerized edge to edge Pantograph. 
I carry Quilters Dream Batting by the yard 80/20 Blend, 100% Cotton, Poly, Bamboo, and Wool. 

When you bring your quilt top in for quilting, we will go over batting, thread colors as well as pattern design.

  • Please make sure that your quilt top and back are as square as possible.
  • Your backing fabric as well as batting must be at lease 4" wider on all sides of your quilt top. (Example: quilt top is 50x50, your backing and batting must be at least 58x58)
  • Please do not pin you quilt layers together- these are all loaded separately on the machine
  • If your quilt top or backing is directional, please label secured with safety pin the top of your quilt and backing.
  • Please trim all loose threads and remove all buttons and embellishments. These can cause damage to both my machine as well as your quilt. 
  • Please press your quilt top as well as the backing to make sure seams lay flat
  • If the border is pieces, please stay-stitch 1/4' from all edges. This will help prevent stretching while quilting.